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a few words about us

TheGreen Ideas is an initiative that principally promote and advocate environmental conservation and development undertakings in Ethiopia. It is solely advocating and promoting environmental issues and sustainable development programmes. 


The foremost purpose of such green movement is to leverage and consolidate environmental conservation and management issues in Ethiopia’s sustainable development plan. It is the first environmental concerned private company in the country solely working on environmental business. We have noticed Ethiopia’s wildlife and natural resource endowment have faced severe challenges. Thus public awareness and mobilization are critically needed to maintain the remaining resources. Therefore, we are dedicated to mobilize public and raise awareness towards environmental conservation endeavors through effective communication tools including social media to largely promote and advocate environmentalconservation issues.

To this end our mission is to leverage policy and decision makers to consolidate environmental issues in national and international policies and legislations. Working valiantly we are keen to bring environmental issues in a front line, in which everyone is concerned.

Apart from awareness rising campaigns the Green Ideas is progressing in the establishment of its conservation business venture section called “Green Safari”.  The Green Safari is paving its way to promote sustainable travel business ventures in Ethiopia and east Africa.We are keen to establish solid platform for the environmental trends (economic forces, social forces, technological advances and political and regulatory changes) for business models and advance efforts to build the ethics of business to incorporate environmental issues and seeks to advance green development and climate change. We strongly believe developmental approaches must instill environmental and climate change issues including greening and sustainability as part of business model. Thus, we are keen to change the consulting space to be information sessions and change the landscape of spheres of economy in Ethiopia.


Our vision is to become the greatest Ethiopian environment concerned company by 2030.


We are a dynamic team of people from a wide range of backgrounds, brought together by a shared passion for the environment. Sound ecological values inform all our work and conduct. It is important for us as a company and as individual ecologists that we live our values.


Our goal is to be the lead initiative inenvironmental advocacy, promotion and sustainable development. The Green Ideas is keen to promote Ethiopia’s Green Development progrmames which aimed to significantly balance the Environmental, Social, Economic and Governance pillars of sustainable development.